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[Bass Reels & Rods] 2021 Best bass reels and rods that are less than $200

Introducing the best and most popular JDM reels and rods under $200. Great price, great quality!
Bass Lures

【JDM Frog Lures】Best Frog Lures used in Japan

Introducing some of the best JDM frog lures that are popular in Japan! Give it a try!
Bass Lures

【Shimano】Bantam WorldPop 69F new color added

In top water lure there are various actions, one that continues to create action and others that stop to lure the fish. This Shimano lures works great for both continuous action and stay. 2 new colors will be added to this exciting series.
FW Spinning

【Shimano】Complex XR (JDM Finesse style- Bass Spinning Reel)

In Japan, bass fishing is becoming very competitive and a reel that gives you the finest control makes the difference. Only 155 grams for the 2000! And yet they provide enough line capacity for a 4lb line. JDM model, available in Japan.
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