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Introducing new bladed jig from Jackall. This lure has a special blade to spin the tails and a thick single hook to catch any fish from kingfish to flathead simply by retrieving!

3 Things to keep in mind when buying a JDM product

So with all the pros and cons, what should you keep in mind when you buy a JDM product? 3 tips which you need to know to be happy about owning a JDM product.

Downsides of having a JDM product

JDM (Japan Domestic Model) fishing tackles have the best quality and the newest technologies. But what are the downsides of having a JDM product ?Let's look into some of things you need to keep in mind when buying a JDM product.

3 good things about having a JDM product

Why does JDM (Japan Domestic Model) fishing gears always seem to catch attention? This page explains the pros of having a JDM product.
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. The knife-like body of the original is retained, as well as its trademark super-tight wobble. The increased body size allows for more accentuated flashing and wave generation.
Bass Lures

【Jackall】Pikupiku lure larger size available. “Twitch” until you bet a bite.

Jackall's pikupiku (means twitching in Japanese) lure just added a new size 78. Bringing that detailed shaky twitching movement on the top water imitates a weakening fish.

So what exactly is a “JDM” product?

If you have ever searched for tackle information on the internet, you may have come a cross the word "JDM" and wondered what the heck it means. “JDM” stands for Japanese Domestic Market, so JDM products are made to sell in the Japanese market. So what's so good about the JDM products?
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【Shimano】Complex XR (JDM Finesse style- Bass Spinning Reel)

In Japan, bass fishing is becoming very competitive and a reel that gives you the finest control makes the difference. Only 155 grams for the 2000! And yet they provide enough line capacity for a 4lb line. JDM model, available in Japan.
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Great floating action, high response diving and wobbling/rolling action does it all! Great for Hiramasa (king fish)

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