So what exactly is a “JDM” product?

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What are JDM products?

If you have ever searched for tackle information on the internet, you may have come a cross the word “JDM” and wondered what the heck it means. “JDM” stands for Japanese Domestic Market, so JDM products are made to sell in the Japanese market. Note that JDM does not mean its “MADE IN JAPAN”. It could be made in China, Malaysia or anywhere in the world but needs to be produced for the purpose of selling in Japanese market to call it a “JDM” product. So why then is the JDM term used and what does this differentiate from other products?  Two simple words to explain this : “quality” and “new”. Known for their innovation, engineering, newest technology and cutting edge design, Japanese fishing tackle is some of the finest fishing products made. Easy way to explain: consider Japan to be the Silicon valley of Fishing. Many of the new innovations start from here, the finest engineering and technology are all focused to happen in Japan. So goes with the Toyota cars, Sony television, Honda motorbikes, to salsify the Japanese consumers “high quality” is a must.  So when you see any JDM fishing products, you can expect a certain level of quality, some that stays in Japan and wont be seen anywhere else. So if you ever get a  chance to get a hold of one, could be worth going for it. Price may not be cheap but this might give you the extra edge that you have been looking for in a fishing gear!


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