【Shimano】Complex XR (JDM Finesse style- Bass Spinning Reel)

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【Shimano】Complex XR (Bass Spinning Reel)

Finesse style bass fishing, C2000 size and powerful 2500 size, bringing the perfect balance of great rotation and lightness. Magnum light rotor, micro module gear 2, silent drive Xprotect, long stroke spool. In Japan, bass fishing is becoming very competitive and a reel that gives you the finest control makes the difference. Only 155 grams for the 2000! And yet they provide enough line capacity for a 4lb line. JDM model, available in Japan.

新提案C2000サイズ登場!「コンプレックスXR」の魅力を小野俊郎・加藤誠司・秦拓馬が語る 【2021シマノバス新製品 コンプレックスXR】


C2000 F4/C2000 F4 HG/2500 F6/2500 F6 HG
●Gear Ratio:5.1/6.1/5.3/6.0
●Max Drag(kg):3.0/3.0/4.0/4.0
●Spool size(diametermm・widthmm):2000=43・13.5/2500=47・17
●Nylon line capacity(lb-m):2000=4-110/2500=6-110
●Maximum line rotating length(cm/1rotation):69/82/78/89
●Handle length(mm):45/45/50/55


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