[Bass Reels & Rods] 2021 Best bass reels and rods that are less than $200

Bass Reel

Introducing the best and most popular JDM reels and rods under $200. Great price, great quality!

Best JDM reels under $200

[Shimano] Ultegra

Line up:1000/C2000S/C2000SHG/2500/2500SHG/C3000/C3000HG/C3000XG/4000/4000XG/C5000XG


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[Daiwa] Tatula TW

Line up: 103H/103HL/103SH/103SHL/103XH/103XHL


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[Shimano] SLX BFS



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[Daiwa] Caldia

Line up: FC LT1000S/FC LT2000S/FC LT2000S-H/FC LT2500S/LT2500/LT2500S/LT2500S-XH/


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Best JDM rods under $200

[Daiwa] Blazon

Carobon rear grip used, easy to grip, great sensitivity and casting perforamnce, great quality for this price range.

Line up:BAIT TYPE- 1pc 10 models, 2pc 10 models, total 20 models. SPINNING TYPE- 1pc 6 models 6pc models total 12models

Action: UL to H


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[Shimano] Zodias

Versatile all round bass rod. Carbon monocoque brings the sensitivty needed to feel the bite. Bait finesse, finesse, light rig, power, glass composite and many more line up for beginners to experts.

Line up:BAIT TYPE- 1pc 11 models, 2pc 13 models, total 24 models. SPINNING TYPE- 1pc 7 models 2pc 8models total 15 models

Action: UL to H


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[Majorcraft] Days

Revival from 15 years ago! Major craft did thier homework very hard, came up with the answer that “simple is the best” , with this simple but well balanced rod that provides great casting ability and well structured action.

Line up:BAIT TYPE- 1pc 11 models, 2pc 9 models, total 20 models. SPINNING TYPE- 1pc 7 models 2pc 7 models total 14 models

Action: UL to H


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[Legit Design] Standout

Legit Design is famous for the legendary Wildside series, they now came out with a new veratile bass rod series called “Stand out”. From light rig to long cast, power finesse the new series with covers them all. Especially 610MH can cover shore, boat , jig, retreving, all can be covered.

Line up:BAIT TYPE- 1pc 5 models, 2pc 4 models, total 9 models. SPINNING TYPE- 1pc 5 models 2pc 3 models total 8 models

Action: UL to H


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