【Duel】HARDCORE Monstershot new colors added

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【Duel】HARDCORE Monstershot new colors added

Maximum casting, over 100m, great casting distance and plug action. Strong and thick body with penetrated wire system that brings stable rolling fall action. Weight is on the bottom so fast and slow retrieving, one pitch jerk, skipping and various other technique can be applied.

●80mm/95mm 4 Great colors, great for flounders added

・HLKI(Shirogisu rollberry)
・HLPC(Pink candy glow berry)
・HOGC(Orange tail gold chart)
・MP(Mat pink)


●110mm/125mm 4 new colors added as well!

・HKVK(Keimura katakuchi)
・HLCL(Glow berry chart)
・HSBL(Silhouett Black)
・HSO(Shocking Orange)

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