【JDM Frog Lures】Best Frog Lures used in Japan

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Introducing some of the best JDM frog lures that are popular in Japan! Give it a try!

【Issei】 Bugfrog longtail

makes small bubbles with the dog walk action. Hooks on outside is made from Ryugi company, and the rabbit fur tail will bring great luring action!

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【O.S.P】Diving frog

Darting shape will take you as a surprise when retrieving. Can be used as a crankbait near the shades. Works also with popping or basic dog walk action!

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【Daiwa】Steez Popper Frog

Works great even in rain or windy condition. You can also use it to swing the head in small distance!

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It’s indeed a frog lure that actually looks like a real “frog”! Leg action along with the smooth diving movement will not let any bass think twice before going after it. Legs can be purchased separately.

Visit Kahara Japan for details

【Jackall】Gavacho Frog

Popper type 69mm frog. This frog can also imitate actions similar to crayfish, bugs, baitfish. Great actions with quality fluorine coated hooks

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【Shimano】BT Frog

Great body balance, providing easy and stable skipping action. 64mm, floating action 17gram.

visit Shimano for details.

【Gamakatsu】Gamagaeru Pop

Easy to hook, great head shaking action, popper mouth is designed to be small so it won’t get in the way when hooking!

visit Gamakatsu for more details.


The name “Hoshokuon” means “sound of eating” which is made from the design of the dent on both side of the lure. This sound and the speedy action will appeal to the fish like no others! Floating, 76mm 11g.

Visit Nories for details

【Megabass】PONY GABOT Jr.

From the design, this frog makes an appealing bubble sound. The balance of the lure allows anglers to have precise dog walk action, the compact body makes it to be not just a “bug lure” but can also be a “floating rubber jig”

Visit Megabass for details.

【Tsunami Lures】Vickitan

The design is not just cute, catchy and fun, its got a good weight to secure the casting distance, the splashing (spitting) action without shaking the head will surely bring another taste to your frog lure lineup!

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