Japanese Finesse Hard Bait Lures

Bass Lures

Introducing some popluar Japanese finesse hard bait Lures which were selected by hard core Japanese anglers in Biwako lake!

[Tiemco] Groggy

The single hook makes is hard for the fish to notice the hook, and creates smooth action. Simple but very effective lure!

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[DUO] Realis Spinbait 80 G-Fix

This was a winning lure for the KVD Bassmaster championship, originally made by a pro guide in Biwako lake. This model is a bit heavier than the original model, works really will in the deeper water range, casting ability is great.

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[T.H. Tackle] Bobblehead 70F

Simply put it looks like a small fish. A real one. It’s light, goes against the air so you won’t get the casting distance, but still it catches fish. Really, we would think its real if the hooks weren’t there, any fish will think the same.

[DEPS] Strugglearts Lo-fi

All you have to do is slow retrieve and this thing will do the job. Great for using at a place you have never been, just to see if there are any good fish, because any fish that see the movement cannot resist chasing it!

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