[JDM Jointed Lures] Best jointed lures in Japan!

Bass Lures

Introducing some of the best JDM jointed lures that are popular in Japan! Give it a try!

[Megabass] i-Slide 262T

262mm bigbaite designed by Yuki Ito from Megabass. Provides a big slow curving action, double ring hook will allow the hook to move wider and enhances the hooking of a fish. Great item to go after a “monster” fish!

Visit Megabass for details

[Deps] Silent Killer 145

The soft ABS resin core covered by a soft shell makes this lure so much like a real trout. In addtion, unlike the other bigbait this one doesn’t make a big sound, but rather a soft sound, soft wave that is sent through the water. That is why it attracts the bass, as this fish to them seems so “real”.

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[Gan Craft] Jointed Claw 178

The legendary jointed bait, with the the curving action to create a standard for this type of lure. Many of the Japanese anglers claims this is the first one they used to successfully catch a fish.

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[Jackall] Kawashi Mikey

Tune up version of the famous Micke of the famous Mickey big bait lure, this lure is able to avoide obstacles and go into narrow space, perfect for aggressive anglers that want to go deep in the area for a bigger bass. Wobbling action is stronger than the original mickey which brings a stronger vibration.

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[T.H. Tackle] Jointed Grande Zoe

Length 145mm, 4oz, floating-sinking (adjustable by taking out the weight in the lure body. Twist joint swivel allows the joint to twist and move in a dynamic way that will surely trick the fish in thiking this is a real blue gill.

[O.S.P] Kalen

Uses both soft and hard lure material, the softness brings flexiblity when lure is twisted, and the hard part on the joint brings the dart action and clicking sound. Great for fast retreiving while avoding weeds and obstacles .

Visit O.S.P for more details.

[Tiemco] MB-1 Custom 175F

175mm 1.5oz floating 6 colors 4730 JPY The original version, “Monkey Brain Bait” is made of wood, Tiemco proposed the creator to make ABS version, bringing the cost down but also allowing more detaild and so many different action to come in play. Joint position and the hooks can be changed, normal mode for simple retreiving, tight mode for fast retreiving and dead sticking mode allow a slow self moving mode.

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