【Jackall】Pikupiku lure larger size available. “Twitch” until you bet a bite.

Bass Lures

Jackall’s pikupiku (means twitching in Japanese) lure just added a new size 78. Bringing that detailed shaky twitching movement on the top water imitates a weakening fish. To do this using a hard lure and not a soft one, Jackall came out with an answer to do a plug one point action. This is indeed the twitching action, which once a fish sees, will not be able to resist but open their mouth and take a bite. The irresistible dance-like performance will attract the fish and keep you entertained. Now with a bigger size 78, 10 colors available.

PIKUPIKU 6565mm3.0gFloatingST26TN#12¥1,815
PIKUPIKU 7878mm4.9gFloatingRB-M#8(F) #10(R)¥1,870
ピクピク 65/78 CM

Check Jackall’s page for more details.



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