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So other than the price, what are the downsides of having a JDM product ?Let’s look into some of things you need to keep in mind when buying a JDM product.

After service

this is something you need to always keep in mind. JDM products are made to be sold in Japan. This means the after service only covers consumers living in Japan. Even with the two biggest company Shimano and Daiwa which have overseas branch, if you contact the overseas branch, they may simply turn away saying they do not carry the item in the country and are unable to help.

User’s Manual  

There is a good chance the user manual will be written in Japanese and ONLY in Japanese. Japanese companies are becoming more and more aware that they need to be more global adapted and use English more often, still, many of what they produced are aimed  towards the market in Japan, and so you may simply need to give up reading and understanding the user’s manual. But having said that unless it’s not a dendo (electric) reel (good luck if it is!) , it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out on your own.



Same goes with the  after service, if you want to purchase any parts for a JDM product you may encounter some difficulties. Even if there is the same name, model sold in overseas, some of the internal parts could be different than the JDM product, hence you may not be able to buy the parts outside Japan.

Language barrier

As written above on the user’s manual part, if you wanted to search any information on the product, good luck because most will be written in Japanese. If you look at some of the blogs and website that Japanese anglers make, they look fantastic with all the small details and data analysis, with detailed pictures, but you just won’t be able to understand them. Yes there is Google translation but I can tell you that Google translate and fishing terms do not mix well, simply due to the reason that there are just too many specialty words. If you translate Tsuri “釣り”(“fishing” in Japanese) in English, you might get a translation of “change” (as in change you get when pay money) because “Tusuri” also means “change”! So keep in mind that it will always be difficult to get decent information from the internet due to the language barrier.

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