3 Things to keep in mind when buying a JDM product

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So with all the pros and cons, what should you keep in mind when you buy a JDM product, especially a reel or rod?

Take good care of it after use

 This is simply because your after service or support on getting the parts could be zero. But there is also one important thing that people tend to overlook. Japanese consumers – by nature will always take good care of their gears. So whatever that is made for JDM, you need to be careful because sometimes the suppliers default expectation is that the gears are maintained at a certain level. The average level of the people taking care of the item is quite high. Consumers will rinse after fishing, take it home and wash it again, dry with towel, put some oil/grease if its a reel. They will never just leave the gears as is after fishing. You need to do the same if want to maintain the high performance. There meant to hold only under good care because that is the standard mentality of the Japanese consumers.

Make sure the product spec is up to the size of the fish you catch

This is another important thing; Especially for saltwater fishing, you need to be careful whether what you have purchased will hold against the target that YOU want to fish, in YOUR AREA. In Japan, they divide the gears in to the smallest way possible. Seriously they have so many different items depending on the type of fish you are targeting, size and the fishing style. In saltwater They have specialized fishing gears just for kingfish, flathead, squid, octopus, seabass, brim, hairtail fish, rock fish, snapper and so on. Same goes with freshwater. So they create the best gears depending on what they fish. But if you are going out in the sea or river just to catch whatever is out there small or big, you might catch something that was not built to stand with the size then, it could cause some damage to the item. So JDM products quality is the best but only within the RANGE that they are meant to be made. You always need to be aware of this.


Find a good source to be able to discuss and exchange information

As written on this page, due to language barrier, its difficult to get decent information when you’re searching for information on any JDM items. So, be sure to have a good forum where you can discuss on the product you have. There may very well be others that feel isolated just as you are and maybe you can help each other out. I plan to open up a forum on this website soon so you can start a discussion. I may or may not chime in , but as this website expands and more people visits, there will be good communication going on!

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