3 good things about having a JDM product

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Hi there, if you still haven’t, check out this page which explains what “JDM” product means, below I will briefly explain 3 good things about having a JDM product.

High quality

This is something you can certainly expect. Going fishing in Japan is not cheap. Many people travel hours to get to a spot, very few people have boats so they pay a lot of money to get into a party boat to go fishing. Last thing they want is to waste a chance of catching fish due to poor quality of the gears. So quality and liability is quite important. Suppliers are well aware of this, so this will be their number one priority when making a JDM product.

Newest technology & design

Japanese consumers love new things, whether its cars, gadgets, clothes or even snacks. If you go to a convenience store in Japan there will always be something new out there. As a matter of fact hundreds of new items come in the convenience store every month. Kit kat package will never be the same for more than 1year. Japanese simply love new things, and this is reflected to fishing gears. Reels, rods  – goes without saying. But even with the smallest things like hooks, snappers, rigs, they are always trying to find something new and different to provide. So technology and the “wows” can be expected in any JDM products, even in the smallest products!


Simply feels good to have one

 Lastly you feel good having one. Let’s face it – it’s cool to have a JDM product. when your fishing mate only own tackles bought from a local sporting good store, and asks you where in the world you got the cut edging gear that he has never seen, you feel good. Having a JDM product is always cool!

Also check below page if you still haven’t.



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