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【JDM Frog Lures】Best Frog Lures used in Japan

Introducing some of the best JDM frog lures that are popular in Japan! Give it a try!
Bass Lures

【Shimano】Bantam WorldPop 69F new color added

In top water lure there are various actions, one that continues to create action and others that stop to lure the fish. This Shimano lures works great for both continuous action and stay. 2 new colors will be added to this exciting series.
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【Hayabusa】MakiMaki Vibe

New metal vibe from Hayabusa. In addition to the strong and great metal vibe action, the flashing movement of the blade will certainly lure a bite. Strong hook to endure big targets, 4 holes available for small adjustment. Can be used by high speed winding and also slow retrieving works. Good for all speed.
Dendo Reel

【Daiwa】Seaborg600 MJ

Seaborg 600 MJ from Daiwa is now on sale. Great motor, durability, heat radiation
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【Duel】HARDCORE Monstershot new colors added

8 new colors added from Duel HARDCORE Monstershot jigs. Maximum casting, over 100m, great casting distance and plug action. Strong and thick body with penetrated wire system that brings stable rolling fall action. Weight is on the bottom so fast and slow retrieving, one pitch jerk, skipping and various other technique can be applied.
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【Shout】Lance jig New color added

High pitch jerk to lure the bite, slow pitch jerk to bring out an excellent falling action. Smooth and stable action
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Introducing new bladed jig from Jackall. This lure has a special blade to spin the tails and a thick single hook to catch any fish from kingfish to flathead simply by retrieving!

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